About Cowhides

Cowhide, a natural byproduct of the food industry from cattle, is used to make a variety of products from home décor to clothing and accessories. Cowhide can also be processed into a leather, which can be used to make such things as wallets, leather jackets and shoes.

The best cow hide rugs come from South America. The mild weather and rich soil make this hides supple and silky and the cross of different breeds, resulting in different colours and patterns , makes each cowhide unique.

South America is globally regarded as the best leather tanning processor.

Cowhide rugs can be a beautiful addition to almost any room in your home and, if used correctly, can help give the room a beautiful and relaxing feel. If you have a cowhide rug in your office, home or flat, and want to keep it looking beautiful, you should learn how to properly clean it. All too often people clean their cowhide rugs incorrectly which damages the rug and makes it look less than spectacular.


Cowhide Rugs are very easily cared for. If you maintain and care for your rug properly, the cowhide will bring you a lifetime of use. Cleaning a cowhide rug is a relatively simple process that can be accomplished with a few household items. Clean any spills that occur on the rug as soon as possible. Fresh spills are easier to remove than dried spills.

Include your cowhide rug in your normal cleaning routine. Simply vacuum or give rugs and cushions a shake outside to remove dust and small dry particles of dirt Do not throw your cowhide rug in the washer, immerse it in water or have it dry cleaned. If you need to spot clean the rug, wipe it with a damp soapy cloth in the direction of the hair. Dry using a towel running along the nap. Avoid vigorous rubbing, do not use saddle soaps, or other leather creams as these may in fact do more harm than good. Protect from direct sunlight and avoid sharp objects and excessive heat.

Rotate your rug or move to a different location from time to time so that it wears evenly.

For common spills like wine, tea, coffee, soup, juice, food etc - soak up spills with a paper towel or sponge immediately. Remove solid matter by scraping gently in the direction of the hair. Then wipe with a damp (but not wet) sponge or cloth using mild soapy solution. Alternatively to clean spills or extra dirty areas, use a very small amount of mild shampoo on a damp sponge. Sponge along the nap repeatedly. Rinse the sponge to remove the shampoo and dirt and repeat until the hide is cleaned.

For more stability we recommend Velcro spots, strong double sided tape or non slip carpet tape (available from carpet shops) used along the edges.

Finally, Cowhides do not like to be damp or wet, please avoid this. If you have a dehumidifier, use it regularly to remove moisture from the room.

You can fold your cowhide rug, but it will need some time to relax after it is unfolded. The creases will come out after a few days laying flat. A heavy weight like books can speed up this process. You can also steam iron the hide on the underside or hairy side to reduce creases more quickly.

  • NEVER wash in the washing machine
  • NEVER dry on a radiator
  • NEVER store in a plastic bag
  • NEVER use biological washing detergent
  • NEVER use bleach
  • NEVER wash in hot water