Why are your cowhide prices so low?

We keep our overhead to a minimum by selling from our warehouses rather than expensive shop premises. We import in bulk meaning we can buy at the lowest price, and then pass the savings onto our customers.

How long will it take to receive my cowhide rug?

Once you place your cowhide order you will receive an email with your order details. Your cowhide will then be despatched within 1 business day through UPS or DHL.

Where do your import the cowhides?

All our cowhides are the highest quality chromium tanned cowhides hand selected from tanneries in Southamerica. All of our cowhides are imported in bulk directly to the UKand have passed the necessary Custom's inspections and all EU duties have been paid.

Is the cowhide show in the photograph the cowhide I will receive?

Yes, Each cowhide is individually photograph therefore the cowhide you choose is the actual hide you will receive.

Are your cowhides top quality?

Yes. We assure you that you are buying a high quality cowhide at the best price. Our staff in South America will choose the best quality cowhides to export to the U.K. .

Do you have a secure payment system?

Yes, All our payment are processed by LLoyds Bank Group via their intermediary SagePay for your security and peace of mind.

Can I buy cowhides wholesale from you?

Yes, please see the contact us page to make enquiries for additional information and prices.

Is international shipping available?

Yes we are able to ship our cowhide rugs overseas through UPS or DHL express delivery. For Europe the cowhide will arrive between 2-4 working days and usually for other countries between 4 and 6 working days.

Are you registered for VAT?

Yes we are.