Brown and White Cowhide Rug and Brown Cowhide Rug

Brown and White Cowhide Rug and Brown Cowhide Rug

 The cow hide rug is one of those timeless staples that everyone needs in their home. While it was once synonymous with rustic or western-themed homes, this has certain changed over the last few years. Whether you’re going for that midcentury modern theme, boho, or even farmhouse, the cow skin rug just perfectly complements any style you’re trying to achieve for your space.The cow hide rug, especially the brown one is perfectly nearly any space.

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 Whether it be a home with a clean white look, minimalistic, Scandinavian, modern, traditional, or elegant, the cowhide rug is going to be the perfect fit. While cowhide is available in different sizes and colours (such as black and white), it’s the brown one that packs the biggest punch as it’s neutral enough to blend into space yet bold enough to where it’s perfectly acceptable to give it attention. So what are the benefits of having a cow hide rug in your space?

 They provide warmth

Like every rug, the brown cow skin rug will provide plenty of warmth to a space. Their natural look and colour help add some depth. It brings in this nice neutral touch that’s needed to make a room have more aesthetic appeal. While spaces with neutral colours such as white look beautiful, they make the room appear cold. So offsetting this with the brown fur from the rug is going to be the perfect way to bring in some needed warmth. This makes the space feel so much more inviting.

 The cow hide rug is stain resistant

When it comes to most rugs, you may need to worry about your furry friend getting on them, the same could go for little ones running around the house. The average rug isn’t very stain resistant, and to make matters worse, it’s hard to get the stains out. This, fortunately, isn’t the same when it comes to a cow hide rug. You can have your natural light brown rug and spilled liquids will be a worry of the past. It’s very rare for liquids to penetrate the hide. So you can simply wipe it down with a cloth or sponge and you’re good to go!

 Your space becomes brighter

Brown cowhide on dark wooden floors is the perfect combination, but you don’t even need to stop there. If you have dark walls or dark furniture, your brown cow skin rug will be the perfect balance you can bring to a space. It creates this beautiful contrast that instantly brightens the room. In general, it creates this strong anchor that adds a lot of flare to the space without it being overbearing. So no worries about it drawing too much attention to the eye, as it will still nicely blend in.

 It's organic

An organic space may be one of the best ways to add nature to a room. While plants and natural materials such as jute or wicker are a common favourite, the brown cowhide can be a new one. Whether you have a big or small space, this subtle accent makes all the difference, making your room feel more natural.